The siege of Sevilla:

In 844, after an unsuccessful attack on Lisbon, a group of vikings sailed up the Guadalquivir to Sevilla. In spite of the fact that the emir Abd al-Rahman II had been warned by the governor of Lisbon, he was taken by surprise. The city was taken without much resistance; most of the people had fled to Carmona or the mountains north of Sevilla.
The vikings  probably held Sevilla for a week, maybe as much as 13 days.
In the meadows along the river, the vikings found many horses, which they could use in their raids in the neighborhood.

The people in Córdoba were afraid that the vikings would come their way, so they gathered an army. Apparently, they managed to ambush a group of vikings, whom they slaughtered.

When the vikings in Sevilla heard about this, they went up to castillo de Azaguac (anyone know where that is?) in order to rescue some of their companions.
They then fled to Isla Menor in the middle of the river, where they stayed for 3 days. After that they raided Coria, but in the end they were seriously defeated in Tablada. The survivors were hanged in the palm trees!

A small group escaped and conquered Niebla. They had not lost courage, so they also tried a second attack on Lisbon on their way home!

Some of the defeated vikings saved their lives by converting to Islam. They settled, breeding cattle and making cheese – so the area around Isla Menor is renouned for the excellent cheese!
In addition, diplomatic contacts were iniciated between the vikings and Abd al-Rahman II. But that´s another story!

One legacy of these raids was a Viking longship that was found in the Plaza Nueva during the digging of a test shaft in connection with the new metro. The 844 raid involved some fierce fighting, and it may have been left behind for lack of sufficient crew.


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