Viking words

The Vikings enjoyed teasing their friends with clever riddles and jokes and listening to stories, poems and songs. Their favourites were about famous battles or the adventures of the gods. Kings paid for poets called “scalds”, to entertain royal guests and praise their brave deeds. Sometimes, scalds accompanied the words of their poems by playing music on a harp or lyre.

After AD 1200, priests and scholars in Iceland began to write down all the old Viking stories and poems. Known as “sagas” and “eddas”, these stories still survive today.

The Viking carved runes (spiky-looking letters) on memorial-stones to honour people who had died. They also scratched messages and magic spells in runes on wooden sticks, deer antlers and bones.

Runes were made up of straight and diagonal lines, so that they were easy to carve on hard materials like wood and stone.

Some Viking words still used in English: egg, happy, law, husband, sister, knife, window , Thursday (Thor´s day) and any place ending in -by, -thorpe and -ay


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  8. What type of runes are these in the image below? They do not match the runes on the stone.

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