Gods and Magic

Vikings believed in many gods. These are a few of them:

ODIN was the god of war. He created the world. The Walkirias were his daughters.

FREY and his sister FREYA protected animals and crops and gave children to parents.

THOR was the god of thunder. He was strong and stupid. Armed with a huge hammer, he rode a chariot pulled by goats.

LOKI was a spiteful trickster.

Believing in gods helped the Viking people to face a harsh, hostile world. They asked the gods to guard them on long voyages or in battles. They left offerings to the gods in holy woods, or by streams and waterfalls, hoping the gods would help them in return. Towards the end of the Viking age, they built big wooden temples for statues of their gods.

Viking men always wore a charm shaped like Thor´s hammer on a chain around their necks.



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  1. its good information

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