Family life

Everyone helped to grow oats and barley for bread, and to look after the cows, sheep and goats, which give milk and meat. Men caught fish, seals and walrus, and hunted foxes, bears and reindeer. Women and children gathered berries, nuts and mushrooms in autumn, and climbed cliffs to collect sea-birds´ eggs in spring. Women also grew vegetables, such as peas and onions, brewed beer from barley and hops, and made medicines form wild herbs. Whenever Viking  men were away, women took charge of the farm.

Women did all the household jobs. They also helped on the farm, milked the cows and made cheese. They spun, wove and sewed all the family´s clothes.

Children did not go to school. They helped their parents at work, and learned about history, religion and the law from the stories. They became adults at the age of 15 or 16.

Boys were often sent away to live with a foster family for a few years.

A girl´s father usually chooses her future husband. Girls were married at the age of 12 -15.

Rich people wore fur-trimmed clothes of fine soft wool and lots of jewellery. Poor people wore plain, simple clothes of rough cloth and leather. Clothes were usually woven or sewed at home by women and girls. Fur and silks were bought at the market.

Everybody, men and women, loved to wear jewellery: rings, bracelets, necklaces and brooches. Wearing gold and silver was a sign of wealth and prestige. After a successful raid, a king rewards a brave warrior by giving him a prize in jewels. Jewels could be used instead of money to buy things.

The poorest Vikings carved their own simple pins and fasteners from animal bones.

A Viking comb carved from a bone                              

 A Viking silver pendant     


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