Warriors and Raiders

The Vikings admired strength and courage, in women as well as in men. All Vikings were expected to work hard, and to face danger and bear pain without complaining. But only Viking men became warriors and followed their lord or king into battle. They promised to fight whenever their lord asked them. In return, he helped and protected them and gave them rich gifts. The Vikings knew that fighting was dangerous, but they valued honour and glory more than long life.

Viking warriors fought with many different weapons. Most weapons were made of iron, and had very sharp blades or points. Rich Vikings treasured beautifully-made weapons decorated with real silver or gold.

Viking battle-chargers were often led by soldiers called “berserkers”. Before a fight they put on bearskin clothes and chewed on poisonous Fly Agaric toadstool to work themselves up into a frenzy. They howled like wolves, gnawing at their shields in fury until the fight began.


~ by vallepajares on January 3, 2010.

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