Viking Diet

All day long, the fire in the hearth was burning for cooking and heating. The hole in the ceiling  didn´t work well, so Viking houses were always full of smoke.

A Viking family ate twice a day. The rich and the poor ate very different meals, served in different ways. They drank beer and wine, served in wooden mugs (the poor) or in horns (the rich).

Poor people made bread with whatever they could find. Rich people had loaves of bread made of wheat flour.

They raised sheep, cattle, pigs, goats, geese, chicken and turkeys to be eaten. They hunted hares, reindeers, boars, seals and whales for meat. They gathered gull´s egg for eating. They also roasted the gulls.

Food had to be preserved so it would keep for the winter. They hung meat and fish in the wind to dry. They also prickled it in salt water or smoked it. They used honey to sweeten the dishes.


Weddings, funerals and religious festivals were celebrated with a big feast for many guests. Some lasted over a week. Competitions like wrestling, athletics fencing or archery were sometimes held at feasts.


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