Who were the Vikings?

The Vikings were adventurous seafarers from Scandinavia. They lived in Norway, Sweden and Denmark between AD 800 and AD 1100. They were superb sailors who travelled by water around the islands, lakes and fjords of their homelands. They also voyaged across rough open seas in their longships and settled in many European lands.

Everyday life in the VikingsĀ“ own lands was harsh, and people had to be tough to survive. The Vikings admired people who were brave and had a fighting spirit. As well as being explorers and settlers, some Vikings were bloodthirsty warriors who went on armed raids in search of gold and treasure. For 250 years, Viking raids terrorized Europe. However, most Viking were peaceful people: farmers, traders and skilled craft-workers. They built farmhouses and busy towns and enjoyed music, story-telling, good food and drink.

They were tall, strong people and very brave. They had blue eyes, long fair hair and beards.

Scandinavian Penninsula.

Wikipedia Entry


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