Welcome to this  blog about Viking culture. It has been created as a way to approach Vikings to kids. Send as many posts as you wish: this is an open blog. I appreciate your ideas, new topics and any comments that would help me improve it.

Terrified monks of England, Ireland and France, described the Vikings as daring barbarians; fierce, cruel and heartless pirates who- according to the chronicles- were well dressed and combed their beard and hair. But that’s not the whole story. The Vikings were also poets, artists and legislators and their ships explored unknown seas. They discovered and founded new countries.


51 Responses to “About.”

  1. yes kids need to know about the vikings and the sagas of our past keep it alive.

  2. Beautiful artwork. I hope you continue to expand the content here, it’s a wonderful resource.

    • Thank-you very much. It´s a blog for children, but I see it can be interesting just as a general approach to the civilization. I continue studying to improve it. Thanks again!

  3. pls i will like to get in touch with u guyz,ur contact and to know more about vikings.becos i am a vikings from analina temple.africa

  4. i love the vikings.i am a norseman from nigeria .i want to known more about the religion for better identity and orientation.thint sailing.

  5. 4 D REAL MEN


  7. I love the picture, do you own it? If it is under copyright how much would it cost me to use it?

    • Thank-you for visiting my blog! I do not own any pictures on it. All of them were taken from internet. I found lots of them there. I´ll try to find the exact adress. Thanks

    • Thank-you for visiting my blog! I do not own any pictures on it. All of them were taken from internet. I found lots of them there. I´ll try to find the exact adress. Thanks

  8. This will be a great resource for my kids since we homeschool! By any chance could you tell me where you found the picture at the top? I would love to find a print of it to hang in our library! Thank you!

  9. Thank you for your reply. I hope you do find the address ans send it to me soon. Thank you,

  10. Can I get to know more about the vikings and how can I be a norse man

    • I´ll try to introsduce a new post, but I am searching how to become a norse man, and I can´t realy tell you. Maybe you can start becoming a sailor. It´s quite a hard task, you know

  11. May Odin, the Vikings God be with you for opening this web site. I salute you. I am a sailor. I am a vinkings, a rugged material from Nigeria.

  12. It is a wonderful piece of work. And it is good for kid and also adults to know the Origin of we Nurse men

  13. i lov dat, arrow mate,rugged you

  14. i hatee it all!

  15. Norwish deco vickintical aro F.B.I Sailing atlanic marine retrd ark aqualina may we sail to hit the shores of island

    • I approve your comment though it´s hard to understand. I do this just in case some of my followers might understand it. Thank-you for reading my blog. Thanks also for your comment,are you a Viking guest?

  16. i want to belong

  17. Aro mate! Aro Mate!! Aro mates!!!
    I am a confirm norseman vkt aro twist sailing on the ship of santa marino marine patrol ayeperere fire to all norsemen in here rugged u oh! Blood on the high see Singng song of ojars Neva to hang a leg even to the face of death… A Baggar is a Baggar… Thru The Rough sea May odin make us the victorious king we are o aye aye aye… I need o.t im baalecioust on 2go

  18. I want to say rugged to all scandanavian sogers sail on all you rugged mate no leg hanging this aro talkina do the secound.sub I C from shakarina marin patrol nigeria

  19. aro norsemen vikings ship is sailin osera osera keep on sailin d ship 4 island is our final destination aro norsemen if u want orientation tanana m add m up on 2go ebus06

  20. Arow salitamus rugged u finaly 4 dis site but i wnt 2 knw d vikicantical name of somay words in vikings

  21. i like it

  22. i love it is intrestin

  23. I realy appreciate this site, i would like to know more about the vikings and thier sagas

  24. good work

  25. They were daring and fearless seafarers, mostly crude in their earlier contact with the more civilized western Europe. The works of art that was later excavated and traced to them implies that they were pagans that knew no logic other than of war, conquer and dominate. Through this means they brought down many democratic governments of Europe, planted themselves. They easily adapted to the culture of their conquered people through intermarriage, acceptance of Christianity and ofcourse, education.

  26. “Once again I welcome you aboard the Warrior ship as we all know the sea is a lawless zone, beware of sharks for I will lead you on an adventure, blood will be shed on the high sea while singing songs of HOJAS, many of you will fall overboard and will drown or be eaten by sharks but be rest assured there is no lagging on board. Even in the face of death never hang a leg. May the devil lead and guide you.” As he finished we were served rum. I in particular didn’t understand his last statement. He was obviously speaking in Warrior terms and warning of the dangers that lied ahead of us

  27. i like it

  28. i like u all

  29. i really like your work

  30. I think many have misunderstood the very objective of this blog which is to enlighten kids.
    I don’t think the many hydra headed languages would be understood by the supposed kids. Nice blog though.

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